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English: JPC Tooltrolley plan set

English: JPC Tooltrolley plan set

100,00 €Preis

Our workstation system has been specially developed for carpenters and is designed to make your everyday life in the workshop easier. You will receive:


Detailed plans for rebuilding trolleys + tool modules

Material list with order numbers for purchased parts

Milling contours in .dxf format for your CNC


Thanks to the modularity, the carts can be combined with each other. You can adapt the system to your needs and expand it at any time. With the help of aluminum profiles, the grooves offer a way to hang clever devices and modules easily and securely. All you need is the safety latch and clip from our store.


The tool modules keep your hand machines and tools neatly stowed away and ready to hand at all times. The modules can be individually designed and used for a wide variety of purposes, and there are no limits to your creativity. Please contact us if you have any suggestions or questions.


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